Le Mystère Henri Pick

(The Mystery Of Henry Pick)

Sur la presqu’île de Crozon, en Bretagne, une jeune éditrice (Alice Isaaz) découvre un manuscrit qu’elle estime être un chef-d’œuvre. Il aurait été écrit par un certain Henri Pick, un pizzaïolo mort depuis deux ans. Publié, le livre se vend comme des petits pains. Mais Jean-Michel Rouche (Fabrice Luchini), un célèbre animateur de télévision, s’interroge sur l’identité de l’auteur présumé et se met à enquêter.

Poster for the literary detective yarn Le Mystère Henri PickVisiblement heureux d’incarner un brillant homme de lettres, le comédien s’en donne à cœur joie. Les répliques fusent comme des balles de ping-pong, les situations s’enchaînent gaiement, les protagonistes s’engouffrent librement dans des voies ouvertes à toutes les conjectures.

– Le Figaro

Leave it to the French to craft a delectable Agatha Christie-style caper whose main characters include a famous literary critic, a deceased best-selling author, his bookworm daughter, an ambitious young publisher, and an up-and-coming writer.

In Le Mystère Henri Pick, all of these suspects converge around a novel, titled The Last Hours Of A Love Story, that was allegedly written by one Henri Pick – a country bumpkin who owned a pizza parlor in Brittany. Published after Pick’s death when the manuscript is discovered in a local ‘library for refused manuscripts’, The Last Hours quickly becomes a sensation.

But one outspoken critic (the always amusing Fabrice Luchini) thinks the whole thing is a sham, and, after losing his wife, his job and his prominence owing to his disparaging remarks, decides to uncover the truth.

The film becomes a veritable guessing game in which both critic and movie viewer try to figure out who could have penned the novel. Lots of false leads and clues are tossed out, with references to Pushkin, Dostoevsky and Proust, among others, before the would-be detective homes in on the most likely culprits.

Le Mystère Henri Pick is a highly cultivated whodunit, delivered in a fun and fluid manner.

– Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter


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