Mary Queen Of Scots

Two queens. One future.

Mary Queen Of Scots, about the rivalry between Mary Stuart (Saoirse Ronan) and Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie), is no staid, stuffy period drama. The film begins with Mary’s execution, a scene so gorgeous that it threatens to take our breath away along with the sovereign’s.

Poster for the period costume drama Mary Queen Of ScotsBefore the axe falls, we rewind to Mary returning to her native Scotland as its rightful queen after years spent in France. There’s opposition to her rule, both within her own country and from England to the south. But it’s Mary’s complex relationship with cousin Queen Elizabeth that fuels the film.

Letters between the two queens reveal a kinship, both in blood and in circumstance, since they’re both lone women rulers surrounded by men. But tensions mount between the two countries, and the two women, as Mary pushes to be acknowledged as an equal.

Mary Queen Of Scots focuses on power and the schemes that elevate and unseat those who seek to wield it. However, this gleefully feminist film finds its centre in specifically exploring women in power and how men handle having to bend the knee to a woman. Short answer: not well.

– Kimber Myers, The Playlist

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