Muchos hijos, un mono y un castillo

(Lots Of Kids, A Monkey & A Castle)

Part of the SPANISH FILM FESTIVAL 2018, presented by the Embassy of Spain

Julita had a dream. As a young woman, her fairytale needs were simple. She wanted a whole passel of kids, a monkey and a castle.

Poster for the Spanish documentary Lots Of Kids, A Monkey And A CastleShe got them all.

Julita, seventy-something mother of Spanish actor Gustavo Salmerón, was always a pack rat, so when she inherited a castle, there was finally a place to store her vast accumulations. The castle, of course, came with its own fair share of clutter, and the search for a curious family heirloom gives the picture a strangely irresistible element to drive it forward.

From Salmerón’s 14 years of skilfully edited footage, we’re treated to Julita’s mad passionate relationships with her many offspring and, yes, the perky yet melancholy tale of the monkey. A jaunty, funny, incisive and poignant documentary.

– Greg Klymkiw, The Film Corner

Part of the 2018 Spanish Film Festival, playing four Wednesdays in October.
For details of all four films in the series, download this pdf.




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