My American Cousin

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Poster for the coming-of-age classic My American CousinNow a classic of our national cinema, writer-director Sandy Wilson’s charming film à clef is both an affecting coming-of-age tale and a witty meditation on Canadian-American cultural tensions. Sandy Wilcox (Margaret Langrick) is a preteen growing up in the 1950s in B.C.’s Okanagan, where she’s bored (“Nothing ever happens!”) and also tired of being treated like a child. Everything changes with the arrival of Butch (John Wildman), her dreamy, red-convertible-driving cousin from California, who seems to embody everything exciting Sandy’s been longing for.

My American Cousin was a popular hit at home and abroad, and won six Genie Awards — for Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Actress (Langrick), Actor (Wildman), and Editing (Haida Paul). Arriving on the heels of The Grey Fox, it also solidified B.C.'s ascendance as an important filmmaking centre — and was a rallying cry for women in film everywhere!

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