New York Cat Film Festival

A collection of short films about our feline companions!

The New York Cat Film Festival is a collection of short films which celebrate the felines who share our lives. The films, from all over the world, have been selected to inspire, educate and entertain.

Poster for the New York Cat Film FestivalThese films are not the familiar YouTube videos of cats doing amusing things. They are documentary and fiction films, 2 to 26 minutes in length, each with a story to tell – and at the heart of the story, there will be a cat (or cats!). The program, which runs for about two hours in total, is designed for adult audiences but will also be enjoyable for children 10 & up.

  • The Pet Effect (2 min): A priceless mock-advertisement.
  • Little Works of Art (13 min): Documentary about Harold Sims’s American Museum Of The House Cat, with over 10,000 cat-related objects. 
  • Art’s Automotive (6 min): Animated tale of an orphaned kitten who bonds with an auto repair robot.
  • Akamatsu The Cat (10 min): Documentary about life with a paralyzed kitty who lived 4 vibrant years with the use of a wheelchair.
  • Pure Fluff (4 min): Documentary sketch of a professional cat groomer in New York, who shows how to tackle this challenge. 
  • Winter Break (5 min): The thoughts of a bored teacher during winter break, with only her cat for company.
  • Guardians Of Recoleta (21 min): Documentary examining a community of cats in the iconic Buenos Aires cemetery.   
  • Scaredy, The Cat (8 min):  Heartwarming doc about a very shy cat, adopted at the tennis courts in NYC’s Riverside park.
  • Marnie, The Cat Guru (2 min): A philosophical tabby cat expounds on the meaning of life.
  • Cat Nation: A Film About Japan’s Crazy Cat Culture (26 min):  Documentary about Japan’s extraordinary love of felines.
  • Instagram Cat Mom (5 min): Mockumentary about how far some people will go for the purrfect online post.
  • Samantha And The Rock Cats (11 min):  Documentary profile of a woman who travels the country with her cat show.
  • Mittens From Kittens (4 min): Documentary about how annoying cat hair can be put to other uses.
  • Beth Is Not A Cat (3 min): A flight of fancy about Beth who is not a cat, but looks like one.

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