New York Dog Film Festival

A collection of short films about our canine companions!

The New York Dog Film Festival is a collection of short films which celebrate the canines who share our lives. The films, from all over the world, have been selected to inspire, educate and entertain.

poster for the New York Dog Film FestivalThese films are not the familiar YouTube videos of Fido or Bowser doing amusing things. They are documentary and fiction films, 2 minutes to 30 minutes in length, each with a story to tell – and at the heart of the story, there will be a pooch (or several!). The program, which runs for about two hours in total, is designed for adult audiences but will also be enjoyable for children 10 & up.

  • Unexpected (2 min): Animated tale with an unanticipated ending.
  • Shit Happens (2 min): A mime demonstrates what happens when you don’t stoop and scoop.
  • Esther – Saving Castaways (6 min): Documentary chronicling a prison program for unwanted dogs, trained by inmates.
  • Elvis: The Lonely Hunter Of Circle Beach (5 min): A remote beach, a determined dog and the search for an elusive buried bagel.
  • Dog Power (25 min): Dynamic doc following canine & human athletes competing in shared outdoor sports.
  • I Rescue Senior Dogs (5 min): Documentary profile of the founder of Muttville, a last-chance rescue for senior dogs.
  • About A Dog (16 min): Charming tale of an antisocial book editor who reluctantly fosters a dog, leading to unforseen events.
  • It’s A Potcake Life (30 min): Heart-warming doc about the stray dogs of the Bahamas and their dedicated rescuers.
  • A Dog’s Life (8 min): Animated interpretation of an ordinary day, from a pooch’s point of view.
  • Well Groomed (8 min): Colourful doc that peeks into the passionate world of competitive grooming.
  • Imperfect Adventure (5 min): Thoughtful journal of one woman’s motorcycle trip with her dog in the sidecar.
  • Ooh là là (1 min): Witty animation inspired by a French poodle.

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