Official Secrets

Based on a true story

Based on the book The Spy Who Tried To Stop A War, Official Secrets tells the true story of British secret-service officer Katharine Gun, who during the immediate run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq leaked a top-secret National Security Agency memo. The memo – which exposed an illegal U.S./U.K. spying operation against members of the United Nations Security Council – proposed blackmailing smaller, undecided member states into voting for war.

Poster for the whistleblower drama Official SecretsWriter/director Gavin Hood masterfully dramatizes these real-life events and brings Gun to life as an ordinary woman in an extraordinary situation. By slowly revealing specific details and lingering on pivotal moments, Hood creates an intense atmosphere that captivates you until the very end and begs the question: what would you do?

Keira Knightley’s quietly powerful performance as Gun allows us a unique look into the psychology behind her decision to risk both her family’s safety and her own life. The result is a portrait of human nature that focuses on what is best in all of us.

– Sundance Film Festival

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