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logo for the Royal Opera HouseRigoletto, by Giuseppe Verdi, was performed 250 times in the 10 years following its premiere in 1851 and has become one of the most popular of all operas. Verdi himself considered it his best.

Featuring many musical highlights, the opera includes the well-known arias ‘Questa o quella’ and ‘La donna è mobile’ (both popularaized by tenor Luciano Pavarotti) and the much-loved Act III quartet ‘Bella figlia dell’amore’.

Poster for the Royal Opera House production of RigolettoThe opera’s story follows Rigoletto, the hunchbacked court jester to the libertine Duke of Mantua. The father of one of the Duke’s latest conquests puts a curse on Rigoletto for his mocking laughter. When the Duke turns his attention to Rigoletto’s own daughter Gilda, it seems the curse is taking effect, and the jester must plot to protect her from the Duke’s immoral intent.

[Spoiler alert!] Rigoletto arranges to have the Duke assassinated, but out of love Gilda sacrifices herself in the Duke’s place. When Rigoletto arrives to uncover the Duke’s corpse, he instead finds his mortally wounded daughter.

Rigoletto........ Dimitri Plantanias
Duke Of Mantua .... Michael Fabiano
Gilda ..... Lucy Crowe
Sparafucile ...... Andrea Mastroni
Maddalena ...... Nadia Krasteva
Giovanna ...... Kathleen Wilkinson

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