Shakespeare 400 - Antony And Cleopatra

Part of Shakespeare 400 On Screen, presented in association with the University of Ottawa

Shakespeare 400In our Shakespeare 400 On Screen series, we’ve visited the Royal Shakespeare Company and Globe Theatre, so it seems fitting to close with a production from Canada’s own Stratford Festival, a landmark and haven for Bardophiles since 1953.

Redirected for film by Barry Avrich based on Gary Griffin’s stage version, this gem of a production builds on the strengths noted during its Stratford run in 2014 and enhances them with some deft cinematic touches.

Poster art for Stratford Festival's Antony & CleopatraYanna McIntosh is a formidable Cleopatra, dominating everyone around her with a quicksilver temperament, clearly depicted in this production as a masterful command of acting techniques – a tribute that attaches itself to both the glorious Queen of the Nile and the actress embodying her.

Geraint Wyn Davies is an engaging, full-blooded Antony who doesn’t stand a chance against her wiles. The strong ensemble cast includes Tom McCamus as an unusually sympathetic Enobarbus, and Ben Carlson as a deliciously punctilious Octavius Caesar.

– Kathryn Prince, University of Ottawa

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