Shakespeare 400 - Maqbool

Part of Shakespeare 400 On Screen, presented in association with the University of Ottawa

Shakespeare 400Macbeth travels far and successfully into the Mumbai underworld, in this outstanding instance of the Bollywood crime family genre. Maqbool is goaded by Nimmi to kill her lover and his father figure, the aging crime boss Abbaji, and to take his place. This act triggers similar catastrophic consequences of guilt and hunger for power to those in Shakespeare’s play.

Poster art for MaqboolBut this is no slavish adaptation. Instead, Bhardwaj takes central constellations and conflicts from Macbeth and transposes them in masterly fashion to a completely different context, giving us whole new motivations to actions and reactions. The film has received high critical praise for its seamless storytelling and the thoroughly convincing performances from the cast, which includes some of the most esteemed Indian actors working today.

– Joerg Esleben, University of Ottawa

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