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Stop Making Sense

Best of the ByTowne!


So it ends as it began...
the first film to play at the ByTowne (Oct. 1, 1988)! 

Poster art for Stop Making SenseA documentary record of The Talking Heads in concert, using material from three shows in Hollywood, December ’83. Apart from what artifice the Heads themselves allow on stage, Demme restricts himself to a cool, almost classic style, with the camera subservient to the action.

Building from David Byrne performing a solo acoustic ‘Psycho Killer’, to the full nine-piece band leaping through ‘Take Me To The River’, its distinction is more what it omits than what it includes. Tacky rock theatre razzle is stripped down to humorously ‘minimal’ conceits of staging, lighting and presentation.

David Byrne and Tina Weymouth in Stop Making SenseApart from a few moments of incongruous boogieing, the allegedly over-intellectual Heads are revealed to be human, warm-hearted, and possessed of a sizeable humour. A quietly large achievement.

– Jonathan Rosenbaum, Time Out

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