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The Conformist

Must-See Cinema! In honour of Bernardo Bertolucci, 1941-2018.

Poster for the Italian release of The ConformistBernardo Bertolucci's adaptation of the Alberto Moravia novel offered Jean-Louis Trintignant perhaps his greatest role as the suave, clenched Marcello Clerici, who has sublimated his repressed homosexuality by joining the Fascist secret police. When Clerici is dispatched to Paris to assassinate his mentor, his obsession with normality and social acceptance drives him to a coldly calculated crime.

No Bertolucci film is more gorgeous – the chiaroscuro lighting, fluid camerawork, and ornate visual design are justly celebrated – and the many memorable set pieces, from the tango between Dominique Sanda and Stefania Sandrelli to the Ides of March murder in the wintry forest, are indelible.

– Toronto International Film Festival

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