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The Conspirator

One bullet killed Lincoln. But not one man.

Poster art for The ConspiratorIt’s 1865 and the Union has pretty much clinched victory in the American Civil War when suddenly President Lincoln is assassinated by Confederate zealot John Wilkes Booth. Fear and anxiety grip the nation. Hundreds of citizens are rounded up, including Mary Surratt (Robin Wright), a widow and Southern sympathizer whose son is an associate of Booth. Eventually, she’s lumped in with the other assassin conspirators and tried before a military commission where her rookie lawyer (James McAvoy), also a decorated Union soldier, isn’t so sure she should be saved from the gallows.

Redford doesn’t belabour the parallels between then and now, now and then, but they’re striking (and apt) nevertheless. A fine cast (including Kevin Kline, Evan Rachel Wood and Tom Wilkinson) strives mightily to personalize the tale but, finally, they’re just passengers on a great engine of plot.

– James Adams, The Globe And Mail

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