The Dressmaker

Revenge is back in fashion.

Kate Winslet is an absolute goddess in this hilarious, moving, and very dark Australian dramedy based on the bestselling novel by Rosalie Ham. Winslet’s Tilly Dunnage sashays into the tiny, gawdawful outback town of Dungatar, with a spiteful ‘I’m back, you bastards’, in 1951. More than 20 years after being banished, the misfit child has become a sophisticated, exquisite woman who’s been working in couture in Paris. The ghastly, gossipy townsfolk are appalled and agog to see her back, and slow to realize that she has returned to exact comprehensive revenge for the lies and tragic wrongs of the past.

Poster for the Australian dramedy The DressmakerThis is a lot like Hang ’Em High, with Winslet as the Clint Eastwood character, but armed with a Singer sewing machine instead of guns. Tilly’s magical ability to transform people with creative, stylish makeovers is the weapon she uses against them as, one by one, they fall under the spell of her Dior and Balenciaga-inspired new look, even as secrets and scandal boil up. The ensemble is incredible: with Hugo Weaving as the town policeman delivering his campiest turn since The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert; Judy Davis priceless as Tilly’s deranged mum ‘Mad Molly’, bellowing a stream of screamigly funny one-liners; Kerry Fox as the queen bitch of the malicious populace; and Liam Hemsworth as the one decent, manly and, happily, drop-dead gorgeous guy in town.

Those who remember the offbeat delights that came out of Australia in the 90s will be thrilled to note that this is co-written by P.J. Hogan (Muriel’s Wedding) with his director wife Jocelyn Moorhouse. And they will be prepared for the surreal tone to veer between wacky wit and cruel, heart-wrenching twists. And, appropriately enough, the costumes are to die for.

– Angie Errigo, The List

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