The Exorcist

Must-See Cinema! So much fun it'll make your head spin!

The Exorcist, poster artThe Exorcist was marketed in 1974 as a deeply solemn ‘religious’ hex-horror movie, complete with a showdown between good and evil, but the word of mouth told the true story. The pea-soup vomit! The pee on the floor! The twisty head! The 12-year-old girl who turned into a slavering harpie, jabbing her private parts with a crucifix and croaking out such tenderhearted sentiments as ‘Your mother sucks c***s in hell!’ 
Scary? As hell. The 2000 re-release of The Exorcist has a dynamic new sound mix, some quasi-subliminal shots of the devil’s face, and 11 minutes of added footage, notably the ‘spider walk’ scene in which Regan scurries down the stairs on all fours.
The Exorcist remains the ultimate exploitation nightmare vision of the onslaught of adolescence. And arguably, what we have here, in paranoid, bad acid-trip form, is the real birth of girl power.
– Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

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