The Front Runner

He was the obvious choice, until the problems became obvious.

Hugh Jackman can do anything. In The Front Runner, playing disgraced 1988 Democratic presidential ‘shoo-in’ Gary Hart, he chronicles the downfall of a potentially great political leader, orchestrated by irresponsible journalists and morally indignant voters, because of an extramarital affair.

Off-the-cliff poster for the political drama The Front RunnerBrilliantly directed by Jason Reitman, this enthralling film is a mirror to the shifting relationship between the media and politics, and the events that changed the last 30 years in American history. It is an educated, responsible, sophisticated and often deeply witty examination of politics and journalistic responsibility in the tradition of All The President’s Men and The Post

Hugh Jackman’s towering performance provides the story’s centrifugal force, but there are also memorable contributions from J. K. Simmons as Hart’s campaign manager, Vera Farmiga as his loving but long-suffering wife, Mamoudou Athie as an idealistic young journalist, and a touching turn by Sara Paxton as Donna Rice, the girl caught in the middle of the muddle like a deer in the headlights.

– Rex Reed, The Observer

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