The Hateful Eight

Nominated for three 2015 Academy Awards!

No One Comes Up Here Without a Damn Good Reason.

Quentin Tarantino’s latest film mashes up the Western genre with a murder mystery to depict one night with eight unpleasant strangers packed together in the most tense of situations. It’s also one of the iconoclastic filmmaker’s finest works, mixing gallows humour, ultra-violence and strong character work into a real potboiler.

Poster art for The Hateful EightSet in 1870s Wyoming, the movie brings together, in a remote roadside haberdashery store, a bounty hunter (Kurt Russell), his dangerous prisoner (Jennifer Jason Leigh), a former Union soldier (Samuel L. Jackson), a war vet on his way to becoming a sheriff (Walter Goggins), an elderly Southern general (Bruce Dern), a hangman (Tim Roth), the store’s caretaker (Damián Bichir), and a tough-as-nails cowpoke (Michael Madsen).

The eight are stuck there when the weather turns bad, and things go downhill fast. Alliances are made, mysteries are revealed, and people start dying.
“While not as cinematically game-changing as Pulp Fiction or as gore-spattered as the Kill Bill films, The Hateful Eight doles out all of Tarantino’s favourite things. He crafts his usual snappy dialogue – set to a memorable and moody Ennio Morricone score – for a story that offers one of Tarantino’s more satisfying endings.

– Brian Truitt, USA Today


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