The ByTowne has closed, but has re-opened temporarily to present "The Best Of The ByTowne"
February 26 to March 7

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As at Sunday, February 28th, all shows are SOLD OUT.

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The Iron Curtain

Must-See Cinema – Presented by Music And Beyond Festival!

Original poster art for The Iron CurtainShot in Ottawa and featuring a soundtrack by Russian composers Shastakovich, Prokofiev, Myaskovsky, and Khachaturian, The Iron Curtain is based on the actual 1945 case of Soviet cipher clerk Igor Gouzenko, (Dana Andrews with a brutally short, just-back-from-the-Eastern-Front haircut), who, after careful training, was assigned to the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa in the midst of World War II.

Eventually, Gouzenko defected with 109 pages of material implicating several high level Canadian officials, outlining the steps taken by numerous sleeper cells to steal details of the nuclear bomb. The scandal that resulted when details of this case were publicized by American columnist Drew Pearson in early 1946 involved Canada, Britain and the United States.

As dramatized by Wellman in this movie, it becomes more than a tense story of international intrigue, but a depiction of a man who may have lost his moorings as well.

– Moira Finnie, Turner Classic Movies

These screenings are presented by Music And Beyond Festival to set the mood for
Beyond the Bomb: Music of the Cold War
at the Diefenbunker on July 11.
See for more details.

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