The Judgment


FREE screening presented by the Bulgarian Community Association of Ottawa!

The Judgment, Bulgaria’s 2015 submission for Best Foreign Language Oscar honours, finds some ironic parallels between Europe’s current refugee influx and the strictly controlled borders of the old Eastern Bloc nations.

Original Bulgarian poster for The JudgmentAssen Blatechki exudes quiet desperation as Mityo, a laid-off truck driver. Facing deep debts, Mityo reluctantly agrees to take on a shady work offer from his former army commander, The Captain (Predrag Manojlovic). The job involves smuggling refugees into Bulgaria via the deserted border station where Mityo did his military service 30 years ago, a period he would rather forget. 

But the scheme starts to fall apart when The Captain begins treating the refugees with booze-fueled, racist contempt and dragging up painful secrets from Mityo’s past that exacerbate a love-hate relationship with his son, Vasko (Ovanes Torosian).

The Judgment, full of slow-burn suspense and ominous undertones, is a timely, well-crafted thriller about a burning issue that looks set to dominate global politics for the foreseeable future.

– Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter

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