The Last Black Man In San Francisco

Fight for your home.

Piercing study of race, urban gentrification, and male friendship; heady meditation on nostalgia and memory; love letter to a singular city. It’s hard to define The Last Black Man in San Francisco, but it’s impossible not to fall under its spell.

Poster for the indie drama The Last Black Man In San FranciscoMaybe it’s enough to say that it’s a romance between a man, his hometown, and a house. And then to add that the man, Jimmie (Jimmie Fails), is smart and funny and sad and complicated, the hometown of San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the Victorian house, built by Jimmie’s grandfather, is the stuff of fairytales.

When the house is vacated by its white owners owing to a legal dispute, Jimmie and his best friend Montgomery seize their chance and move in covertly.  Their takeover is a central part of Last Black Man’s story, but it hardly comes close to conveying the richness of director Joe Talbot’s film. It’s the kind of movie you fall into with your whole heart and emerge from feeling what it is to fully be transported by the magic of film.

 -- Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

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