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The Life Ahead

(La Vita davanti a sé)

Sophia Loren's triumphant return to the screen!

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Director Edoardo Ponti directs his legendary mother, Sophia Loren, as an Italian Holocaust survivor in this sentimental adaptation of Romain Gary's novel (previously adapted in 1977’s "Madame Rosa", starring Simone Signoret), but it's newcomer Ibrahima Gueye who really shines.

Poster for the Italian drama The Life AheadGueye plays Momo — short for Mohammad — a Senegalese refugee whose broken family fell apart in his childhood. At first growing up under the care of the kindly neighborhood doctor (Renato Carpentieri), he’s brought over to Madame Rosa (Loren) after getting busted for attempting to rob her at the market. When the doctor forces Momo to apologize to the woman, he realizes the greater potential at hand. Momo’s experiences with a displaced family give him more in common with this eccentric older woman than he initially realizes, and their developing bond provides a natural conduit for exploring historical parallels that pierce the cultural and generational boundaries between them.

Even without the existing template for this story, the arc of The Life Ahead would be predictable within its first 10 minutes. But Ponti and cinematographer Angus Hudson maintain an anxious naturalism built around Momo’s misadventures about town, set to a vibrant Italian hip-hop soundtrack.

Ibrahima Gueye & Sophia Loren in The Life AheadSophia Loren manages to inject the jaded old woman with an endearing blend of wisdom, fatigue, and smarminess that makes her appeal to the rascally adolescent entirely credible, while Ibrahima Gueye should have a long career ahead of him. As the drama finds Momo adapting to Madame Rosa’s tough-love approach, little can can ruin the appeal of watching the charming newcomer and charismatic veteran form their unique connection.

– Eric Kohn, Indiewire

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