The Old Man & The Gun

It's not about making a living. It's about living.

In the charming, elegiac heist film The Old Man & The Gun, Casey Affleck’s detective makes a gesture to Robert Redford’s titular bank robber, a knowing reference to The Sting. The gesture is salutatory, from one actor to another, this being Redford’s final film (so he says). He plays Forrest Tucker, a true-life gentleman crook who has used a smile to steal money the way Redford has used it to make off with our affections. Sissy Spacek plays opposite him; the two veterans share leisurely, graceful scenes.

Poster for the geezer heist movie The Old Man & The GunI love what savvy director David Lowery does with the camera, panning here and there, picking up stray sights and happenings. Top-rate stuff. Background police-radio sounds provide some grit, as does the seventies-style photography and Tom Waits’s face. A stopwatch clicks away meaningfully, but folksy old-aged existentialism isn’t overdone. As for Redford’s genial robber, witnesses to his crimes uniformly said the same thing: “He seemed happy.” That he did.

– Brad Wheeler, Globe and Mail

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