The Quietude

(La Quietud)

The sisters will stay united.

Two sisters from an affluent family re-explore their unusually close bonds in The Quietude, Pablo Trapero’s beautifully crafted, multilayered drama. Boasting a trio of actresses at the top of their game and cinematography that constantly impresses, the movie deftly enters in to the bosom of a family harbouring multiple secrets, both personal and political.

Poster for the Argentine sibling-rivalry drama The QuietudeLa Quietud is a coral-coloured dream ranch that is home to counsellor Augusto Montemayor (Isidoro Tolcachir), his wife, Esmeralda (Graciela Borges), and their unmarried daughter, Mía (Martina Gusmán).  The family lives an outwardly perfect life until Augusto has a stroke and older daughter Eugenia – Euge for short (Bérénice Bejo) – flies in from Paris to offer support.

Euge is her Esmeralda’s preferred daughter, and her mother’s happiness at having her home increases tenfold on learning that Eugenia is pregnant. As the favourite, Euge is more carefree than her sister, more at peace with herself. But her enviable life appears less than perfect when husband Vincent (Edgar Ramîrez) arrives from Paris.

Trapero works on two levels in The Quietude, presenting a melodramatic feast on the surface while opening up darker questions underneath. Given this is Argentina, and the Montemayor family is rich, those troubling issues include politics, specifically the dark years of the dictatorship. Augusto’s incapacity leads to legal inquiries into how property deals, including La Quietud, were arranged decades earlier, resulting in painful revelations for the family.

As the two sisters, Gusmán and Bejo share a remarkable affinity and an unbounded physicality that seems almost to erase surface differences, as if they were twins. The distinctions become deliberately more apparent as their characters move into high relief, offering both actresses ample space to create full-bodied characters. But as good as Gusmán and Bejo are, the real joy is watching Borges take charge as the matriarch Esmeralda.

– Jay Weissberg, Variety


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