The Secret In Their Eyes

(El Secreto de sus ojos)

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Poster for the Argentine thriller The Secret In Their EyesThe Secret In Their Eyes won last year’s Best Foreign Language Film Oscar for a reason. It’s a superbly complex study of memory, passion and regret masked as a crime thriller. Travelling back and forth through time, it tracks Espósito (sad-eyed Ricardo Darín), a retired police investigator in Buenos Aires who can’t let go of a 20-year-old case of rape and murder.

Director Juan José Campanella discloses the essential reasons, using the novel that Espósito is writing as a device, and revisits the cop’s passion for his former supervisor (a radiant Soledad Villamil). The film has political overtones, but these scenes are embedded in the narrative, not wielded like a hammer. Campanella grasps that sometimes the softest touch creates the deepest impact.

– Susan G. Cole, NOW Toronto







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