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The Upside

Based on a true story

The Upside, based on the French hit Intouchables, a sort of odd-couple bromance, benefits from the comic skills and dramatic abilities of Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart, and the affectionate chemistry between them.

Poster for the odd-couple bromance The UpsideHart is cast as Dell, an ex-con struggling to get his life together. He has no real qualifications to apply for the job of caregiver to millionaire Manhattan quadriplegic and grief-numbed widow Phil (Cranston), and he fails to impress Phil’s frosty assistant Yvonne (Nicole Kidman). But his wise-cracking irreverence is like a ray of sunshine in Phil’s gloomy, tightly monitored existence, and he’s hired.

Cranston plays Phil with dignity and understatement, and Kevin Hart dials down his natural ebullience, with a good deal of heart to his performance. Nicole Kidman’s role as the forbidding Yvonne is handled with typical professionalism, and Julianne Marguiles makes a strong impression as a possible romantic interest for Phil.

– Allan Hunter, Screen Daily

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