The Warriors

Must-See Cinema! See the side of New York City that the tour bus avoids!

Poster for the cult classic The WarriorsFrom its powerhouse opening, in which all the gangs of New York gather in tribal splendour in Riverside Drive Park, to the last ditch stand in dilapidated Coney Island, Walter Hill has elevated his story of a novice gang on the run into a heroic epic of Arthurian dimensions. Anyone expecting gritty realism will be disappointed, because Hill is offering something better: shooting entirely on NY locations at night, he has transformed the city into a phantasmagoric labyrinth of weird tribes in fantastic dress and make-up who move over (and under) the streets as untouched as troglodytes by the civilisation sleeping around them. Mixing ironic humour, good music, and beautifully photographed suspense, it’s one of the best of 1979.

– David Pirie, Time Out


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