Three Identical Strangers

The most amazing, incredible, remarkable true story ever told.

Within the space of a couple of days in 1980, three 19-year-old triplets who have never even heard of one another’s existence, meet and become brothers, friends, and NYC media darlings. But the story of why they had never met – why, in fact, their existence was intentionally kept a secret – involves a conspiracy worthy of a psychological thriller. The ramifications of that conspiracy proved devastating, and continue to reverberate.

Poster for the separated-at-birth doc Three Identical StrangersAs the story of Three Identical Strangers unravels, you become astonished by the layers of complexity and injustice these three young men have experienced. And it doesn’t take long before your initial impressions are totally forgotten: These guys aren’t just lovable doofballs telling well-rehearsed chestnuts about their kooky life. They’re people who have suffered unimaginable hardship and now bravely submit to further public scrutiny in the hopes of solving the mystery at the centre of their lives.

– Sean Nelson, The Stranger

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