Tickling Giants

Benefit for the 27th annual One World Film Festival. All seats $12.

There’s a lot to laugh at, and to learn from, in Tickling Giants, a documentary that starts off by telling the story of one man and ends up speaking volumes about satire, freedom of expression and political pressure.

Poster for the documentary film Tickling GiantsAs protests over the Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak turned bloody in 2011, Bassem Youssef, a surgeon, sought to aid the injured. What he saw on Cairo’s streets was different than what was being discussed on television, so, with the help of a friend he made an Internet show that later became a network program. That program, ‘The Show,’ poked fun at current events and politicians and became immensely popular.

‘This show is about holding authority accountable,’ Mr. Youssef says. It’s a brave stance in the face of oppression, and a worrisome one, too, knowing the threats he has encountered. This first-rate documentary generates similar mixed feelings at a time when freedoms seem to be threatened everywhere. After watching, you come away feeling more proud of those freedoms, and more concerned for their future.

– Ken Jaworowski, The New York Times

Benefit for the 27th annual One World Film Festival, Ottawa's longest running documentary film festival. All seats $12. Tickets available in advance from the One World Film Festival or at the ByTowne on the evening of the event. This screening will be followed by a panel discussion.

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