We Used To Be Cool

(Was hat uns bloß so ruiniert)

The Austrian contribution to our German Language Film Festival!

Poster for Austrian comedy We Used To Be CoolMarie Kreutzer’s upbeat comedy follows three professionally successful couples, members of today’s generation, who are simultaneously idealistic and materialistic. They live comfortably in their free-range, fair-trade, Apple-equipped apartments in the city centre. They seem to have everything – except a purpose. One of the couples gets pregnant, and when the others quickly follow suit they all begin to discover that life is suddenly all too real.
With a mixture of subtle and broad humour, touching moments and genuine observation, the film watches as, in different ways, the six individuals cope with the changes triggered by family and responsibility.

Logo for the German Language Film FestivalPart of the 2018 German Language Film Festival, which includes films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
For details of all three films in the series,
download this pdf.

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