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The ByTowne is now closed.

It's possible that, after the pandemic has been brought under control,
new management will take over the space and offer big-screen wonderfulness again.

The building is being maintained, with all its facilities and equipment intact,
in preparation for that hoped-for day.
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Welsh Film Festival – Y Streic a Fi

(The Strike And Me)

Part of the Welsh Film Festival, presented by the Ottawa Welsh Society!

Poster assembled for the Welsh labour drama Y Streic a FiThe film portrays a turbulent time in Welsh history – the miners’ strike of 1984/85. Carys (Ella Peel) is the main character; we follow the strike through her experiences and family life. She is a lively 17-year-old who can’t wait to embrace the world outside the confines of her valley. Her father Dai is a miner, and a fervent union member who wholehearedly believes that the miners will win the strike. His brother Deiniol senses that this strike will change the industry forever.

“The strike is one of the most important political events in South Wales in decades. It left its mark on us all, even if we don’t live in the mining communities. It was a traumatic experience, a traumatic period.”

– Gwyneth Lewis, screenwriter      

Welsh flagPart of the Welsh Film Festival, playing four Tuesdays in March.
For details of all four films in the series, download this pdf.




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