Y tu mamá también

(And Your Mother Too)

Must-See Cinema! An early look at the remarkable talents of Alfonso Cuarón (‘Roma’)!

In the sad, funny, sexy, and altogether marvellous Y tu mamá también, Mexican writer/director Alfonso Cuarón takes one of the oldest formats in the filmmaking handbook – the coming-of-age road movie – and gives it a passionate and personal renovation.

Poster for the road-trip drama Y Tu Mamá TambiénOn this astonishing tour through a Mexico never seen in travel brochures, a couple of teenage best friends baying with unearned sexual bravado persuade an alluring Spanish woman to come with them away from choking Mexico City to a magical beach they’ll show her.

As they meander, the real, gawky energy of adolescence intertwines with the sharp pains and pleasures of a modern Mexico as emotionally raw as the boys themselves. Y tu mamá también is so organic that the road trip, magical as it is, feels in a way more real than life. This remarkable travelogue tours a mysterious age and place that only an artist like Cuarón can locate on the map. 

– Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

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