The Zone of Interest

Jonathan Glazer’s Cannes Grand Prix-winning horror, ‘The Zone of Interest,’ delves into the domestic life of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss and his wife, Hedwig. Living amid the horrors of their actions, the film portrays the chilling juxtaposition of mundane daily life and unspeakable evil. Towards the final days of the Holocaust, Hedwig is fixated on … Read more

The Promised Land

In 18th century Denmark, Captain Ludvig Kahlen, a proud but impoverished war hero, embarks on a mission to cultivate an unforgiving land, aiming to farm, establish a colony, and gain noble status. He faces off against the ruthless nobleman Frederik De Schinkel, forming an alliance with a couple who fled De Schinkel’s grasp. As they … Read more

The Queen of My Dreams

Canadian writer and director, Fawzia Mirza’s stylish feature debut mashes up the textures of Indian cinema and a Canadian coming-of-age, tracing key moments in the lives of a mother and daughter born three decades apart. Azra (Amrit Kaur), a Canadian-born daughter, and her conservative Muslim mother, Mariam (Nimra Bucha), have contrasting lives. When Azra’s father … Read more

The Third Man

Often ranked in the top films of all times list, even garnering the #1 spot of 100 on the 1999 BFI’s Best British Films, “The Third Man is an essential watch for fans of Noirs, Orson Welles, and striking cinematography.  Celebrating its 75th anniversary, “The Third Man” follows pulp novelist Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten) travels … Read more

The Peasants

From the directors of “Loving Vincent”, the film is a visual masterpiece, carefully hand-painted frame by frame, offering a poetic blend of comedy, tragedy, and reflection. Set in the 19th-century Polish countryside, “The Peasants” tells the tale of Jagna (Kamila Urzedowska), a captivating woman longing for a world beyond her rustic homeland, steeped in age-old … Read more

The Muppets Take Manhattan

30th Anniversary! Spend March Break with the Muppets! Broadway bound, our favourite gang of lovable goofs take Manhattan by storm in this magical musical about breaking into show business! Fresh out of college, Kermit, Fozzie and the entire cast of Kermit’s musical “Manhattan Melodies” head for the Big Apple with plans to turn their small … Read more

The Player

“A movie about today’s Hollywood — hilarious and heartless in about equal measure, and often at the same time.” – Roger Ebert It’s Oscar month so of course we need to celebrate Tinseltown in all of its messy glory! And what better selection than this sly insider comedy from Director Robert Altman? A Hollywood studio … Read more

The Monk and the Gun

In 2006, Bhutan, the last nation to adopt the internet and television, was on the brink of a historic shift towards democracy. Amid skepticism, a mock election was organized, and an American antique weapons collector’s quest for a valuable rifle unfolded in this evolving landscape. Simultaneously, in the tranquil town of Ura, a young monk … Read more

Tautuktavuk: What We See

Blurring the line between narrative and non-fiction, Co-directed by Carol Kunnuk and Lucy Tulugarjuk tells a powerful story of siblings doing their best to connect during the pandemic. Uyarak and her eldest sister Saqpinak, also played by Kunnuk and Tulugarjuk, embark on a difficult healing journey after a traumatic event that reminds them of the … Read more

Sunday Afternoon Classics: The Bad and the Beautiful

This month’s Sunday Afternoon Classics selection celebrates Oscar month and true showbiz drama!An old-style Hollywood studio boss (Walter Pidgeon) brings together a movie star (Lana Turner), a major director (Barry Sullivan) and a Pulitzer-prize author (Dick Powell) to see if they’ll work again with Jonathan Shields (Kirk Douglas). A producer now down on his luck, … Read more


“Ru,” based on Kim Thúy’s Governor General’s Award-winning novel, chronicles the incredible journey of a wealthy Vietnamese family escaping their homeland and finding sanctuary in Montreal, Canada. Their odyssey includes a perilous sea voyage and a stay in a Malaysian refugee camp. The narrative primarily centers on Tinh, a young Vietnamese girl, who faces the … Read more

One Life

The incredible true story of a British stockbroker, Nicholas Winton (Anthony Hopkins), who, during a visit to Czechoslovakia in the 1930s, embarked on a mission to rescue Jewish children from the impending horrors of World War II that came to be known as ‘the Kindertransport’. Winton reflects on his past humanitarian efforts, providing a poignant … Read more

Perfect Days

Hirayama, a Tokyo toilet cleaner, exudes contentment with his seemingly simple life. Behind the facade of his structured daily routine lies a fervent passion for music, an insatiable appetite for books, and an unusual fondness for photographing trees. Unforeseen encounters unveil his hidden past. “Perfect Days,” a Wim Wenders feature, was inspired from his post-pandemic … Read more

La passion de Dodin Bouffant (The Taste of Things)

Set in the late 19th century and celebrating the love and culinary artistry – the romance between esteemed cook Eugenie (Juliette Binoche) and gourmet Dodin (Benoît Magimel) blossoms after two decades of working together. Their love story creates delectable dishes that astound the culinary world including the world’s most illustrious chefs. As Dodin yearns for … Read more

Mean Streets

Don’t miss Martin Scorsese’s electrifying vision of sin and redemption — one of the most influential works of American independent cinema — presented in a new 4K digital restoration!A slice of street life set in the Little Italy of Scorsese’s youth among lower echelon Mafiosos, unbalanced punks, and petty criminals, the story follows Charlie (Harvey … Read more

Love Lies Bleeding

“Love Lies Bleeding’s total lack of filter is its greatest strength. It’s the sort of film you instinctively want to tuck under a mattress: hot, nasty and mouth-wateringly disreputable, this is cinema with nothing to lose.” -Robbie Collin, The Telegraph Premiering at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Rose Glass follow-up to “Saint Maud” is a … Read more

Jesus Christ Superstar

Spend Easter weekend rocking out with Jesus and the gang! One show only! This bold interpretation of the hit rock opera and Broadway smash from Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, tells the story of Christ’s (Ted Neeley) final weeks through a series of dazzling songs, images and music. Nominated for an Academy Award for … Read more

Io Capitano

2024 Oscar Nominee for Best International Feature From writer-director Matteo Garrone (“Gomorrah”, “Dogman”) comes an epic odyssey from West Africa to Italy told through the eyes and experiences of two Senegalese cousins. Inspired by actual stories of migrants’ African routes to Europe, “Io Capitano” tells the story of the adventurous journey of Seydou and Moussa, … Read more


Gather the family, roll the dice and unleash the excitement this March Break! Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst and Bonnie Hunt star in this phenomenal adaptation of the award-winning children’s book. When young Alan Parrish discovers a mysterious board game, he doesn’t realize its unimaginable powers, until he is magically transported before the startled eyes of … Read more

Day of the Dead

Romero’s Dead Trilogy! On the big screen! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see all three of George Romero’s groundbreaking classics in the way they were meant to be seen (in the dark, of course)! From the master of the zombie film comes the darkest day of horror the world has ever known… Society has … Read more

Hundreds of Beavers

A slapstick epic about a frostbitten battle between JEAN KAYAK and DIABOLICAL BEAVERS… hundreds of them… who stand between him and survival.The comedy cult-hit of the 2023 festival circuit, is coming to ByTowne Cinema!In this 19th century, supernatural winter epic, a drunken applejack salesman must go fromzero to hero and become the greatest fur trapper … Read more

Anatomy Of A Fall

Winner of this year’s Palme d’Or, suspenseful, and thrilling until the final moment “Anatomy of a Fall” is a riveting portrait of a complex woman put on trial for the murder of her spouse. For the past year, Sandra, her husband Samuel, and their eleven-year-old son Daniel have lived a secluded life in a remote … Read more

All of Us Strangers

In the highly anticipated new film by award-winning writer-director Andrew Haigh (Weekend, 45 Years, Lean on Pete), Adam (Andrew scott) has a chance encounter with Harry (Paul Mescal), which disrupts the rhythm of his everyday life. As Adam delves deeper into their relationship, he finds himself compelled to revisit the suburban town where he grew … Read more

American Fiction

This thought-provoking and entertaining comedy-drama follows Thelonious “Monk” Ellison, a writer and English professor, facing a stagnant writing career due to his work being criticized for not being “Black enough.” In response, Monk adopts a pseudonym and pens a satirical novel to expose the hypocrisy within the publishing industry. Unexpectedly, the book becomes a sensation, … Read more

2024 Oscar Nominated Short Films: Live Action

Come and experience this year’s nominated animated short films on the big screen. “The After” (Netflix), Misan Harriman and Nicky Bentham, 18 min.“Invincible“, Vincent René-Lortie and Samuel Caron, 30 min.“Knight of Fortune“, Lasse Lyskjær Noer and Christian Norlyk, 24 min.“Red, White and Blue“, Nazrin Choudhury and Sara McFarlane, 23 min.“The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” … Read more

2024 Oscar Nominated Short Films: Animated

Come and experience this year’s nominated animated short films on the big screen. “Letter to a Pig” (Miyu Distribution) , Tal Kantor and Amit R. Gicelter, 17 min.“Ninety-Five Senses”, Jerusha Hess and Jared Hess, 13 min.“Our Uniform”, Yegane Moghaddam, 7 min.“Pachyderme”, Stéphanie Clément and Marc Rius, 11m min.“War is Over! Inspired by the Music of … Read more

About Dry Grasses

In Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s (“Winter Sleep”) poignant film, “About Dry Grasses,” set in a quaint, tight-knit, community with two unchanging seasons, power dynamics and human nature’s depths are explored. Middle-aged Samet (Deniz Celiloglu), an quick-witted and quick-to-anger art teacher longing for his native Istanbul, shares quarters with charming Kenan (Musab Ekici). Samet’s inappropriate fixation on … Read more