Shakespeare 400 On Screen

April 25, 2016 will be the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death.

To mark the occasion, Shakespeare’s works are being celebrated all over the world, including many events co-ordinated by the University of Ottawa.

Taming Of The ShrewThe ByTowne is pitching in, with a 14-week series called Shakespeare 400 On Screen. It's goning on every Sunday and Monday, and will end on the anniversary itself, April 25th. Some are by-the-book adaptations, and some are freer, looser interpretations of the Bard's classics.



So far we've played: 

Henry V (starring Laurence Olivier), Much Ado About Nothing (by Joss Whedon),  Akira Kurosawa's RanRomeo + Juliet (with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes), the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Hamlet and the Finnish comedy Hamlet Goes Business.

Our March And April schedule includes:

Chimes At Midnight (by Orson Welles), March 6 & 7

The Tempest (Globe Theatre production), March 13 & 14

Forbidden Planet (sci-fi based on The Tempest), March 20 & 21

Korol Lir (Russian adaptation of King Lear), March 27 & 28

The Taming Of The Shrew (starring Liz Taylor & Richard Burton), April 3 & 4

Macbeth (2015 version starring Michael Fassbender), April 10 & 11

Maqbool (adaptation of Macbeth from India), April 17 & 18

Antony & Cleopatra (Stage production from Stratford Festival), April 24 & 25

Click the title links to learn more about each film. And you may learn even more at the screenings: each film will be introduced by Kathryn Prince or Joerg Esleben, professors at U of O.

For more on other events celebrating Shakespeare 400, visit

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