COVID-19 Measures

We are now in Stage 3 in Ottawa,
so the ByTowne re-opened to patrons (50 per screening) on July 24.

Here's what's new and different
and how we are keeping our customers and staff as safe as possible:

  • Most of our auditorium has been cordoned off; available seats (we have 110 usable seats, for a maximum of 50 patrons) are distanced at least 2m from their nearest neighbours.
  • As recommended by Ottawa Public Health, mask-wearing is required from customers and staff in public buildings. This means wearing your mask whenever you're in the lobby, aisles, washrooms, etc. Customers are permitted to take off their masks once they are seated in the auditorium, because all patrons are 2 metres from the nearest stranger.
  • Breaks between film screenings have been extended to make exiting/entering lesscasablanca_mask.jpg rushed/crowded, and so that staff can disinfect high-touch surfaces in the auditorium and lobby areas more thoroughly. 
  • Our HVAC system has been upgraded so that more fresh air is being circulated in the building.
  • Plexiglas has been installed at our concession stand as an extra barrier between customer and staff.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at locations throughout the lobby and auditorium.
  • Debit/touchless payment is now available! 
  • Not only that, you can book your tickets online (fees apply, though) for any film we have scheduled. (Not a safety thing, but buying tickets in advance, either online or in person, is a good idea for weekends; we can only sell 50 tickets, so a sold out show is not unusual.)

As to how you can help keep you, me, and everyone we know safe, while still coming to the movies:

  • Please wear your masks! Properly (ie over your nose and mouth)! At least until you are seated!
  • Make sure not to 'crowd' anyone else (patrons or staff); 2m PLUS mask is best practice wherever possible. We have markers on the floor and sidewalk to help figure out where/how far away to stand/distance. And besides, everyone should know what 2 metres is by now.
  • Have your tickets (and membership, if applicable) ready to show to the usher when you arrive to keep the (distanced) queue running efficiently.
  • Please be patient! This is a very unusual time, and we're all still adjusting to the (seemingly) continual changes to 'normal' life.

Other changes:

  • Memberships expiry dates have been extended by four months (so if, say, you have a May 2020 card, it will be good until the end of September 2020).

Thank you for your support and understanding. We're so thrilled to be able to welcome you back! See you at the movies!

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