ByTowne Closed ~ For Now

The ByTowne has closed, effective December 24th.
Movies planned for our "Best Of The ByTowne" series, December 26th to 31st, may be re-scheduled 
(see details here).

For information on refunds for Pre-Paid Vouchers and annual Memberships, click here.

Thank you, Ottawa, for all your support!

Best Of The ByTowne, Plan B: Coming Soon. Maybe.

image of ByTowne marquee

ByTowne Swag

Missing the cinema?

Looking for a little bit of ByTowne to hang on your wall or to wear proudly around town?

Hoodies & magnets & posters, oh my!

Find YOUR ByTowne Swag!

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Your Message In Lights!

Image of attractive people admiring the marqueeThe cinema may be closed, but our marquee is open for business!
Put your greeting, birthday wishes or marriage proposal up for all to see, for as little as $100/day.

For info, email us at:

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